Sounds about right. It's the (sought after) BX Sport, which ran for about a year in '85-'86 with a carbed 1.9L straight four. After the '86 redesign this engine became fuel injected and the top trim was renamed the GTi. '87 saw the introduction of the more powerful GTi 16v. Top speed of the Sport was probably about 200 … » 4/20/14 5:13pm Sunday 5:13pm

$600 for regular but non-H&M jeans? Wow. And I was just planning on visiting Norway this year. Not to buy jeans obviously, but apparently the prices are as crazy as they say they are. To compensate I think I'll load my trunk with booze when I go trough Germany. » 4/20/14 4:46pm Sunday 4:46pm

There will always be assholes, however, a proper upbringing should be enough. You just don't stare, period. People who stare lack respect. Not that I'm never tempted to stare, I certainly am, but that's not the point. A little self discipline should be enough to not stare. » 4/20/14 4:07pm Sunday 4:07pm

I get the argument about a brand increasing the size of its lineup, I really do. It's a valid argument. The problem is that this car not only looks bloated, it is as you say larger than a compact like the Golf while trying to retain a mini (as in small) image and look. It just doesn't work and is painful to watch. Like … » 4/20/14 6:07am Sunday 6:07am

You're in Europe. I don't see the loss either, but consider the US market alternatives. Besides the Focus ST there are a few uninspired Japanese competitors, and that's about it. It's a very limited market. With their gasoline being both dirt cheap and cheaper than diesel the point of a diesel become questionable. I… » 4/17/14 7:39pm 4/17/14 7:39pm