I don't know about the UK, but they're relatively overpriced compared the competition here in the Netherlands. Probably due to the CO2 tax (gas guzzler tax) I've seen one or two, tops. I have seen a few in Germany though, but even there they're overpriced compared to the competition. You can get a mk7 Golf GTI for… » 10/20/14 12:26pm Today 12:26pm

My current daily driver, a 2000 Peugeot 406 coupe, I bought for €3k in October 2012. I've driven it almost 60k km now, and besides regular maintenance it has needed €20 in parts (€5 exhaust mounting piece, €15 dipstick. Yes, a dipstick). That's a good deal, if you were to ask me. » 10/18/14 7:55am Saturday 7:55am

In this video they just compare cars. Origin of the car isn't that much of an issue. The whole "Europe versus the US" thing certainly doesn't exist in Europe when it comes to cars. Mostly because Europe is a continent, not a country. Italian and German vehicles are as much from different countries as French and… » 10/17/14 3:04pm Friday 3:04pm

That's something that always surprises me about the US. No fuel sipping engine options, or hardly any engine options at all. Does your average luxury car buyer really care about winning stop light sprints? I'd argue many, but certainly not all, luxury car buyers don't care about performance as long as it's adequate… » 10/17/14 12:27pm Friday 12:27pm

It's getting hard to buy a newly introduced car in Europe without a turbo. Everything seems to have a turbo nowadays, it has even become common among the sub subcompacts (the citycars). I would be surprised if the base Porsche 911 would not get a turbo eventually. » 10/17/14 10:59am Friday 10:59am

It would've been easy. The diesel and the 4 cylinder (316i and 318i) are easily distinguishable from the 6 cylinder (320i, 325i, 325e) just by looking at the engine. The 325e has a lower rev limit, the 325i probably still has the badges. So, a debadged 6 cylinder E30 with a high rev limit is probably a 320i. » 10/15/14 4:26pm Wednesday 4:26pm

It hit the cone, so it didn't avoid the obstacles. If you avoid the large mammal and end up with your wheel in a ditch causing you to lose control and end up against a tree/on your roof/in a ravine I'm sure the PETA people would be happy, but it's a failure none the less. » 10/14/14 6:04pm 10/14/14 6:04pm

I'm always amazed about the insane prices of used cars in the UK. You can get a decent ten year old one of those for £500? You'll pay at least double here, for a base model car with 60 or so hp and high mileage. A Clio RS 172 from 2002? €3000-€5000. » 10/13/14 7:14am 10/13/14 7:14am