Should I fix my E30 Touring?

As you might know I've bought a (2nd) 1989 BMW E30 Touring sometime late last year. The idea was to ship it to the US, just like I did before. However, my US based partner's priorities changed and the US based E30 Touring market isn't like it was a year ago. So now I'm left with the choice what to do with my current… »5/20/15 12:22pm5/20/15 12:22pm

I'm Selling My 1988 Peugeot 205 GTI

It is time. My 1988 205 GTI will have to go, sadly. Raphael Orlove was right, they're Fantasy Garage material. But with a company car (review coming soon), a daily driver, a project E30T and most weekends out of town I've got no time to drive the GTI. So it'll go, either to someone local or someone very far away. Step… »5/20/15 12:21pm5/20/15 12:21pm